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Our Origins

Surf’s Up Magazine was started around 2020 as way to bring the founder’s passion of the ocean to the internet. He owned and operated another surfing site, but wanted to widen the scope of the ocean subjects being covered beyond just surfing.

Through our content we aim to inform, educate and ultimately stoke the passions of ocean lovers around the world. We do this by creating insightful content across three subject areas. These include, Marine Life, Watersports and Beaches. We hope that you get as much enjoyment from consuming our content as we do from creating it.

founder surfing in costa rica

The Founder

After learning to surf in Morocco when he was 30, Marc realised from the very first time he stood up on a wave that this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It was clear that surfing wasn’t just a sport, but a lifestyle.

Over the next several years he would travel to many amazing countries to follow this passion including, Portugal, Spain, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and more recently his home country of South Africa.

Today, Marc resides in Cape Town, South Africa where he is a digital entrepreneur. His passion for the ocean transcends surfing to also include free diving and ocean conservation. He still lives by the adage, “the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun.”

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