Is Salt Water Good for your Hair?

Saltwater is thought to have substantial advantages for both skin and hair, especially on the scalp. With its many vitamins and minerals, merely being in a salt water environment can nurture your scalp and tresses.

However, too much exposure could dry out your locks just like it does with the skin. Thus, moderation is key when indulging in such an activity!

Struggling to determine if salt water is beneficial or detrimental for your hair? We understand! This article will help you make an educated decision, starting with exploring the advantages of using this natural element on your locks.

Then we’ll look at some precautions that should be taken in order to avoid any damage. Lastly, learn how you can incorporate salt water into your haircare regime so that it produces its maximum effects!

is ocean water good for your hair
Ocean Waves

Is Ocean Water Good for your Hair?

Yes. Seawater is brimming with vitamins, minerals and amino acids like potassium, sulfur and magnesium. All of which provide numerous therapeutic advantages for your skin and hair.

Furthermore, sea salt offers natural exfoliation which can help keep your scalp clear. This is especially useful for those with oily or greasy scalps since it encourages strong and healthy hair growth. If used in moderation, salty water can be a great source of nourishment for the hair!

The Benefits of Ocean Water

Below are just some of the many benefits.

Salt Crystals

The salt crystals in the water not only add texture to your hair but also provide relief for itchy, dry, and flaky scalps.

Expunging Toxic Elements

Not only does saltwater flush out toxic elements, like mercury, that are harmful to your hair, but it is also brimming with essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and selenium. All of which are beneficial for achieving optimal hair health.


The properties of salt water make it a great exfoliant and invigorate blood circulation in the scalp. This has the effect of delivering essential nutrients to your follicles, which strengthens each strand for an overall healthier head of hair.


Due to its anti-fungal characteristics, salt can be used as a viable solution for dandruff caused by fungi. Not only does it reduce moisture levels in the scalp, but it also helps eradicate fungal overgrowth and eliminate persistent flakes.

Natural Cleanser

Sea water acts as an effective natural cleansing agent for your hair. It will help get rid of heavy oils and sebum build-up that can cause greasiness in the scalp, making it appear smoother and healthier. Not only does sea water act like a shampoo, but it also helps eliminate leftovers from other shampoos or conditioners you have used before to keep your locks looking their best!


Sea water has a profound antibacterial result on the scalp and can relieve skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. Salt is even known to have a restorative effect on cuts and scratches.

women flicking hair in sea
Nourishing Salt Water

Precautions for Using Salt Water on Hair

If you’ve recently dyed or bleached your hair, it’s best to avoid seawater altogether. By exposing your treated hair to salt water, the remaining moisture will be swiftly robbed from its delicate strands as the nutrients have already been stripped away. To keep your tresses looking and feeling healthy, steer clear of salty waters!

To prevent your dyed hair from fading due to extended exposure to salt water, apply a nourishing hair oil onto both your scalp and tresses before taking the plunge.

The oil provides a protective layer on your individual strands while also allowing the scalp to absorb vital nutrients. To ensure that your hair stays soft and hydrated, try using a deep-conditioning mask. You’ll be amazed at how healthy and nourished your tresses will look!

It is essential to cleanse your hair regularly, as unchecked salt can cause dryness and brittleness if it remains in place for an extended period. To ensure the health of your tresses, only use shampoos that are free from harsh chemicals such as sulfates or parabens.

How to Use Salt Water on Your Hair

If you’re aiming to experience the advantages of salt water for your hair, but living far away from a beach or going there isn’t an option, what’s the next best thing?

Ready to give your haircare routine a salty upgrade? Look no further than the common grocery store for table salt or sea salt, both of which make excellent additions for giving you healthy and beautiful hair.

is salt water good for your hair
Ocean Surface

Make a Shampoo

To create a nourishing hair wash, mix two parts castile soap with three parts sea salt in a container. Once combined, massage the mixture into your scalp for around 15 minutes and rinse it out with cold water to eliminate any remaining residue.

Make a Conditioner

Combine half a cup of salt with one cup of water, stirring until all the salt is fully disintegrated. After shampooing your hair, pour over this solution and massage onto your scalp for up to sixty seconds. Finally rinse off using cold-water to see optimal results!

To further strengthen and replenish your hair, use a hydrating conditioner after washing off the salt water.

Make a Leave-in Solution

To create this sea salt therapy, mix one tablespoon of warm water and a single tablespoon of sea salt in an atomizer. Stir until the salt dissolves before adding one tablespoon each of leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. Shake it all together to blend your concoction. Finally, spray it on your scalp for relief from various hair conditions!

Make a Simple Rinsing Solution

To attain a healthy, shiny mane, mix three tablespoons of salt with warm water and use this mixture to cleanse your scalp and locks.

Complete the process by rinsing off the solution wholly with cold water. This will keep split ends or frizz from arising. As an extra step you can massage the salted liquid into your head for several minutes prior to washing it away.

Are you curious if saltwater can be beneficial to your tresses? Indeed it can, but only when used in moderation and correctly.

Follow the tips above to easily inject salt water into your hair care regimen! So now that you know that salt water is good for your hair, revel in its restorative power!

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