18 Best Beaches in Brazil

Because Brazil is the continent’s largest country and 50% of South America’s total land area, it’s no surprise that it has a lot to see.

It’s also located right on the Atlantic Ocean, so it makes sense that it has such gorgeous beaches and access to some of South America’s most stunning coastlines.

If you’re going to Brazil to work on your tan, it will not disappoint. You can either lay down on a brazil beach for hours or explore the surrounding trails and hills. You’ll wind up with a golden hue either way.

The beaches of Rio de Janeiro are more breathtaking than you might expect, with two right in the city. While there are several other sandy stretches to see, this list of Brazil’s best beaches is hard to beat.

ipanema beach

1. Ipanema

If Copacabana’s constant go-go-go energy is a little much, Ipanema Beach, which is close by, is a wonderful alternative.

Perhaps one of the world’s most famous beaches, Ipanema may be classier and more beautiful than Copacabana. It has more emphasis on swimming and sunbathing than nonstop activity.

Massive waves and light-blue barrels of water make this a go-to destination for surfers during the winter.

In addition to the inevitable food and drink stands, the promenade resembles a mosaic and also has an unexpected number of open-air gyms. They’re always full of people working out with weights before they return to the sand.

Just west of Ipanema, there’s a second Brazil beach known as Lebon or Posto 10. This name comes from the lifeguard station located here. If you’re feeling active, Dois Irmãos hill is nearby and offers some of the most incredible views of Rio de Janeiro.

2. Copacabana

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most famous beach is located. If you want a peaceful, remote vacation where you can relax on your own in the soft sand, this isn’t it. This is a beach for people watching (and a favorite of South American models and actors), water sports including surfing, and entertainment.

With several cafés, eateries, hotels and even two forts the boardwalk is full of things to do. If finances aren’t an issue, you’ll be able to snag one of the best views from a hotel room facing the green sea.

The beautiful Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is roughly a quarter-mile long and perennially crowded. This beach will be enjoyed by families as well. Hundreds of thousands of people congregate on the beach to await for midnight on New Year’s Eve celebrations.

brazil beaches copacabana

3. Ilha Grande

On the island of Ilha Grande (Big Island), persons with leprosy were once kept in quarantine. When the last hospital closed, the island was left abandoned and unoccupied for many years.

Efforts to preserve the island’s fauna and flora were made once it was rediscovered as a prime destination, including endangered species like the brown howler monkey.

Ilha Grande is known for its unspoiled forests and pristine beaches. The island has no roads, meaning the only way to reach the beach is by boat or hiking through the tropical forest.

Vila do Abraão, Ilha Grande’s main village, can be reached by boat from mainland Brazil. From here, visitors can take a boat to one of the many beaches on the island or go for a hike in the forest.

Lopes Mendes is the main beach and it consists of white, fine sand that’s perfect for surfing. If you want to go here, you’ll have to take an additional boat ride to Pouso then hike through the forest for 20 minutes.

Or, if you don’t feel like taking a boat ride, you can start your journey from Vila do Abraão. This is a 7-kilometer hike which leads directly into stunning thick jungle.

The Praia do Aventureiro, or “the bent palm tree beach”, is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island.

4. Buzios Resort Town

Situated north of Rio de Janeiro, Armação dos Búzios (locally referred to as Buzios) is a favorite destination for international celebrities seeking privacy.

Rather than the more popular beaches like Copacabana, South American jet-setters and stars alike prefer Buzos for its discretion.

Brigitte Bardot’s love affair with the beach in the 1960s made it well-known, and now it is often likened to St. Tropez of South America.

Ferradura Beach is possibly the most famous in town, as it offers excellent snorkeling. Geribá Beach is superb for surfing and multitude of eateries.

Near the south end of town, Praia de Tucuns is too windy for sunbathing, but it’s ideal for people looking for a picturesque Brazil beach without as many visitors. Because it does not receive as much tourism as the other beaches in the region, the pink sands remain smooth and clean.

5. Florianopolis

Florianopolis, a diverse, large island home to 42 beaches, has something for everyone. One of the most popular areas is Lagoa da Conceiçao. It is a huge lagoon surrounded by a mix of soft white sand beaches and densely forested slopes.

Lagoa da Conceição is not only famous for its yoga and live-healthy atmosphere, but also offers plenty of outdoor activities. This includes hiking and water sports such as windsurfing and sailing.

Praia Mole is a major surfing destination. This tiny beach – just under one kilometer long – also offers plenty of hiking opportunities. A short trail departing from here will take visitors to Praia do Gravatá. This is one of the island’s smallest islands at just 60 meters long but also one of the most secluded.

6. Jericoacoara

In Brazil, if you’re searching for a secret slice of paradise, this is where it’s located. Until 1998, the region around Jericoacoara beach did not have electricity.

That is no longer the case, although street lights are still prohibited and you can see a sea of stars after dark. Tourists now come here in search of virgin beaches and peaceful places to windsurf.

The journey to Jericoacoara beach is long, taking several hours. The last leg of the trip, about 45 minutes, is spent mostly driving through sand dunes off-road. You’ll pass little fishing villages and have stunning ocean views along the way.

Apart from the white sand beaches and excellent wind conditions, the most notable aspect of this resort is the beach sunset. Visitors come here to watch the sun go straight down into the sea on the beach.

7. Praia de Pipa

The Praia de Pipa beach in the north has been a local favorite for decades. However, most international tourists are still unaware of its existence. While the town has grown significantly in recent years, it remains casual and laid-back.

Pipa’s reputation as a laid-back and attractive destination is bolstered by strict regulations restricting development in the area. However, Pipa has a wide range of hotels and restaurants that cater to both backpackers and high-end boutique tourists.

Praia de Pipa’s golden sands and 10-meter-high pinkish cliffs provide a stunning contrast. While the green vegetation nearby completes the scene. Praia do Madeiro, just a few minutes away on foot, is wider and also offers kayak rentals, surfing lessons, and plenty of opportunity to take a dip in the ocean. Both beaches are known for their frequent dolphin visitors!

praia da pipa
Praia da Pipa

8. Maragogi

Maragogi is home to Brazil’s greatest barrier reef, as well as the country’s largest nature reserve and some of the most stunning natural pools. Only during low tide do the pools, known as Galés, become visible. They are only accessible via boat approximately six kilometers from the main stretch of beach.

Maragogi is located in Northeast Brazil, far from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The meeting of a river and an ocean creates a beautiful natural environment full of peace and clean seas. This makes it great for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving among the coral reefs.

9. Praia do Rosa

It’s a tiny bay with a sandy section, but the sand here is so soft and the water so pure blue that it has quickly become a popular getaway.

Praia do Rosa is seven kilometers long when the tide is out. Here you can try water activities, swim, or hone your kitesurfing skills.

There are a few restaurants and little posadas (inns) scattered throughout the village. However, in general it is only worth going if you want to relax and unwind. There are no parties or nightlife here.

Southern right whales arrive in July and remain near the coast to give birth until November. Visitors from all around the continent come to see the gentle giants at that time.

brazil beaches praia do rosa
Praia do Rosa

10. Porto de Galinhas

The most beautiful and remote beaches of Brazil, Porto de Galinhas is a relaxed resort town. It combines all the seclusion and tranquility you desire in a tropical paradise. With crystal-clear seas and fine white sand that seems to go on forever.

Visitors can often find little pockets of paradise all to themselves at Porto de Galinhas beach, as the palm-fringed coastline is mostly underdeveloped.

This beach is located right in the center of town and features restaurants and food stalls, making it a one-stop destination for travelers. In addition, natural pools surround the area, attracting both swimmers and snorkelers year-round.

The remote Praia dos Carneiros is a peaceful Brazil beach with golden sands and a tiny white church situated right on the shoreline that is only accessible by boat.

All the peace and quiet you could want, plus a trip on a boat to Ilha de Santo Aleixo, a tiny uninhabited island only minutes away, are available at Toquinho Beach. If you can snag a private boat ride to the island during the week, you’ll have this tropical paradise entirely to yourself.

11. Taipus de Fora

Among all the amazing places to visit in Brazil, Taipus de Fora is a favorite for its turquoise blue waters, coconut tree backdrop, and seven kilometers of soft sand.

Not only is Taipus de Fora a top snorkeling and diving destination in Brazil, but it’s also famous for its crystalline tidal pools. The corals are stunning, the marine life is abundant, and the scenery outside of the water is just as beautiful.

A short walk from the beach, you’ll find mangroves, waterfalls, and plenty of jungle trails to explore. Camping is also popular in the area–you can even pitch your tent right on the sand for great views of the ocean.

The town (which, despite the growth in tourism in recent years, is still quite small) has hotels, restaurants, and a range of exciting shopping activities including markets and boutique shops.

12. Praia do Espelho

What else can you anticipate when the name Mirror Beach is used? Only stunning views and crystal-clear blue waters, of course.

This overlooked gem is located in the seaside town of Porto Seguro, which is quieter than beaches in major cities. The only way to get there is by driving for an hour on a dirt road.

The sand-covered beach is bordered by crimson cliffs, and the reflection of the moon may be seen on the mirrored seas if you visit at night.

praia do espelho
Praia do Espelho

13. Baia do Sancho

This golden beach is located in a national marine park, and it is teeming with wildlife, such as protected turtles. Because of the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation of the islands in the region, development here is essentially nonexistent.

The beach is almost inaccessible, so there are few tourists. There will be no crowds, and the scenery will be stunning. Azure seas, great driving possibilities and lush vegetation. All in seclusion since the beach itself is not easy to get to, so you won’t come into contact with many tourists.

14. Praia de Forno

With a name like Oven Beach, it’s no surprise that the temperatures here frequently exceed 40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

However, the red color of this beach’s sand is due to the high concentration of a mineral containing iron. The sand itself becomes extremely hot as a result, making swimming in the sea ever more inviting.

Climb the rocky promontory on the far left to a smaller, out-of-view beach where families frequent. You won’t have much peace and quiet, but you’ll find lots of facilities including a floating restaurant, snorkeling gear, boats, and kayaks.

15. Lopes Mendes Beach

Lopes Mendes is frequently named one of the “best beaches in the world,” and for good reason. With two hills covered in dense jungle vegetation on either side, the beautiful sand at this beach is bordered on both ends by two hillsides clothed with lush greenery.

The natural beauty and seclusion of this location make it feel like a world apart from the rest of Brazil. Because it’s not easy to get to, you’ll probably have the chance to enjoy it all on your own if you visit in the early hours. The strong waves make swimming difficult, but surfing is excellent here.

lopes mendes beach brazil
Lopes Mendes

16. Santos Beach

The beach in Santos is unique because it has a large garden running along the side of it, which separates the sand from a busy street filled with cafés and snack places.

Just 31 kilometers from São Paulo, this location is perfect for city-dwellers who want to escape to a Brazil beach for the weekend. The beach’s white and greyish sands are known for being gorgeous, and its flat entrance to the sea makes it ideal for swimming.

17. Caraiva

You’ll need to work hard to get to Caraiva Beach, as there is no public transportation that goes all the way there. Nevertheless, the serenity and charm of the location are well worth it.

This place is magical – you’ll love it here! The stars at night are gorgeous, the river meets the sea, and there are tidepools that go from crystal clear to deep blue. Plus, there are plenty of boats that can take you to other nearby beaches.

18. Praia de Leao

The rock that looks like a sea lion lying down is where Lions beach gets its name from. It’s an appropriate name for a beach known as the getaway to a very wealthy underwater world – which includes not only animals, but also a sunken fort.

Come early in the day to claim a spot on the beautiful white sand, and you might see some dolphins! Not many hotels or restaurants have been built here, so it’s best to either bring your own food or stop at a store on your way.

Although swimming isn’t always allowed due to the intense currents, you can enjoy gorgeous views of your surroundings from the safety of shore.

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