Blonde Surfer Hair

When we think of surfers, blonde hair often comes to mind – so much so that films and television shows depict this as the norm.

The movie “Point Break” is a prime example. Patrick Swayze’s character had his locks purposely bleached in order to give him an authentic surfer appearance. It has become accepted that blonde surfer hair is a core part of surf culture.

Have you ever wondered why surfers seem to have light-colored hair? Much of it can be attributed to the sun’s rays, which bleaches their locks over long periods of time. The combination of sunshine and salt water takes this effect even further.

Consequently, the longer a surfer or beachgoer is exposed to direct sunlight and salty seawater, the lighter his/her hair will become in color. To better comprehend what exactly occurs during this process up close, let us explore it more closely together!

ethan ewing blonde surfer hair
Ethan Ewing Blonde Surfer Hair

How does Surfing make Hair Lighter?

When you take to the waves for a day of surfing, your time spent in the sun and salt water can drastically lighten your hair color. This alteration is due to the interaction between melanin, keratin, sunlight, and seawater.

All essential elements that work together to change up your style! With each hour at the beach comes an even brighter hue. So if you’re looking for some bright summer highlights without reaching for dye or bleach? Look no further than nature’s own recipe.

Spending a lazy day at the beach can give your skin an enviable, sun-kissed glow by triggering melanin production. This is the pigment responsible for giving your skin its natural color and shade. The more of it you produce, the darker you get!

In contrast, the sun works in an adverse way on your hair. As it bombards our locks with its powerful rays, these break down melanin and cause a decrease of production. Ultimately this means that the natural colour of your hair fades away over time due to exposure from sunlight.

The most frequent beachgoers are undoubtedly surfers. Captivated by the ocean and allured to stay at the shore for prolonged hours each day.

Over time, their hair lightens from sun exposure as they bask in its golden rays. Surfing attracts these intrepid individuals to the beach with an unyielding force, driving them back again and again!

Although it’s difficult to go from dark brown, black or red hair to blonde locks, the transition is usually much easier for light-brown haired individuals like myself. Even after extensive sun exposure and hours in a tanning bed, women with darker manes will not experience any change in their hue.

surfer blonde hair
Pro Surfer Koa Smith

How Does Salt Water Change Hair Color?

Spending extended amounts of time in the sun can cause melanin to undergo a breakdown, lightening hair.

To take this one step further and achieve blonde hair, surfing comes into play. Surfers actively spend hours at sea – simply floating, paddling or taking on larger water swells for their thrill-seeking pleasure.

Ocean hair is usually soaked in salty seawater which, when left to it’s own devices for long enough, can cause the color of your locks to change. This distinguishes it from freshwater-soaked tresses that don’t turn shades like salt water does.

Keratin is a strong, elastic protein that serves as a protective layer in our nails, skin and hair. It guards these areas of the body from environmental damage and keeps them looking healthy.

Saltwater in the ocean can be detrimental to your hair, as it robs away its keratin content. The salt opens up the cuticles on each strand of hair, thus reducing its moisture and damaging the microscopic elastic bonds that hold together proteins and amino acids.

Over time, the salt in the ocean gradually strips away color from your hair. Regular daily surfing will eventually lighten its hue as your hair is continuously exposed to both sun and sea. With this natural combination of elements, you can expect soft, bright tresses that have been bleached by nature’s own forces!

As the season changes, so does surfers’ hair color. In summer months when daylight hours are extended and ocean temperatures rise, their locks will become brighter in hue than during wintertime when shorter days result in cooler waters for surfing.

patrick swayze point break
Patrick Swayze in Point Break

How can I get Surfer Beach Blonde Hair

Since the 1950s, surfer hair has been a trend that continues to captivate fashionistas of all ages. The Beach Boys popularized the Southern California surfing scene with iconic songs such as “Surfin’ USA,” “Catch a Wave” and “Little Surfer Girl.” As timeless tunes, these have fueled generations of people wanting to achieve that beachy wave look.

The Beach Boys popularized surfing and resonated with many despite the fact that it was already an established pastime in places like Malibu, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. Interestingly, none of them ever actually surfed nor visited any beaches themselves very often!

The surfer look is a representation of the real-life surfers, exhibiting an independent and rebellious attitude. It reveals someone who does not wish to bend to society’s expectations – embracing their unique identity as a loner.

The ideal surfer hairstyle is wild, casual, and full of body. To achieve the perfect surf-inspired look you should use a combination of lightweight hair products that will give you manageable texture with natural movement.

Grow your Hair

The foundation to the classic surfer style is length. Grow your hair as long as possible, letting it reach down to the shoulders and beyond for optimal length. When trimming, do so sparingly – only when absolutely necessary – allowing your locks to grow down past your chin on either side of you face, brush against the back of your neck at shoulder-length or longer in some areas, and come close to covering up those eyes!

4 inches should be enough room for you work with if you’re aiming for that iconic beach look. Longer locks are definitely better here though; don’t hold yourself back from reaching maximum mane goals!

Maximizing your hair growth rate is a breeze with the right diet and care! Make sure to have plenty of protein-rich foods for nourishment, as well as regular scalp massages that are believed to better stimulate hair follicles. With just these two steps alone, you will see an incredible difference in your mane’s length and health over time.

To achieve the desirable beachy, unkempt ‘surfer hair’ look, try to refrain from washing your strands daily. When you do shampoo and lather up every now and then, make sure that afterwards you apply a conditioner for optimal health of your waves. This will not only give them strength but also keep your curls nourished!

When your hair reaches the maximum length that you can manage, it’s time to find a hairstylist who will give you exactly what you want. Bring along an image of the surfer-inspired look as inspiration for them. This will make their job much easier by providing ample material to play with!

john john florence
John John Florence

Other Blonde Hair Tips

Whether you’re going for the long and wavy look of Patrick Swayze in Point Break, or something shorter and more disheveled like John John Florence, there is no shortage of inspiring blonde surfer hair styles. With hundreds of competitions under his belt, Florence’s messy ‘do has become an icon amongst surfers worldwide.

To achieve a “deconstructed” appearance to your hair, be sure that you request the use of a razor rather than scissors during your styling appointment. The results will not only look more natural but are much easier to manage throughout the day compared to other styling methods.

Surfers’ hair will become lightened and golden highlights appear in the sun, giving them a beautiful beachy look. If you’d like to have this same stunning appearance, your hairdresser can incorporate blonde highlights into your style!

To hold your style and give hair a beachy, windswept texture, use a salt-infused matte finishing product. Your locks will mimic the look of having spent time outdoors in the sun!

Ensure to blow-dry your hair tenderly and without extreme heat. Too much warmth will damage the strands, thus obstructing you from achieving that wild surfer look.

If you want to obtain the look quickly or even temporarily, simply let your hair be drenched in sunlight and spray it with generous amounts of saltwater. This will give you the desired effects without any hassle!

If you’re seeking the classic blonde surfer hair look, the ultimate solution is to take up surfing! Surfing offers hours of fun on the water, and your hairstyle will transform naturally into a lighter, more carefree style with plenty of beachy waves. Even if you don’t stay out in sun or surf every day, learning how to do so can help keep your hair looking effortlessly cool without any extra styling required.

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